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  • Dr. Haile is a renowned Ethiopian lawyer who holds double doctorate degrees: a Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) degree from the University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, and a PhD from the Moscow State Academy of Law. He also holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) and Master of International and Area Studies (MIAS) from the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Haile regularly lectures at law schools and is currently an adjunct professor at Bahir Dar University School of Law. Trained in both the civil law and common law systems, he has taught courses in international business transactions, international dispute settlement, construction, and trade as well as company law and investment law. He is the author of many studies on topics ranging from law reform to institutional policy. He is currently writing a book addressing the courts and justice system in Ethiopia. He is fluent in Russian.

    Dr. Haile transitioned from a position as a government lawyer within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, where he headed departments including the United Nations Specialized Agencies and International Organizations and the Neighboring Countries and Nile Basin States, to private practice nearly two decades ago. Dr. Haile has since become one of the preeminent High Court, Supreme Court and Court of Cassation litigators and has litigated numerous high-stakes cases. Dr. Haile has represented State agencies and State-owned enterprises in many negotiations and international arbitration proceedings in Africa, Asia, and Europe. He has also appeared as an expert witness in transnational litigation matters including before the High Court of London. As a practitioner licensed and based in Ethiopia, he regularly advises foreign companies conducting business in Ethiopia. Among others, he has represented and advised Dow Chemical, McKenzie, Duet Beverages Africa, Swed Fund, Veridos GmbH, Giesecke&Devient FZE, Klaver Lilly BV, Langano Lilly Flowers PLC, Boston Partners, ChingChe Real Estate, Bollore Africa, and Fleuramica SA. He has represented non-profits including the British Council, the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative Foundation, ADRA International, and Buckner International.

    His areas of expertise include international arbitration and litigation, government relations, public contracts, construction law, corporate law, private equity and other forms of investments. He has served as lead counsel representing African Governments in a number of international arbitration cases in such areas as transportation, construction, oil and gas, mining, maritime, trade and investment. Dr. Haile serves on the boards of educational institutions including a university, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Dr. Haile is the current President of the Ethiopian chapter of Advocates Africa and a member of the Pan African Lawyers Union, East African Lawyers Union, Ethiopian Lawyers Association and the American Society of International Law. He was also a member of the Global Council on the Rule of Law of the World Economic Forum.
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  • Gidey is an Associate Attorney at Zee Law Office. He holds LL. M in commercial law with very great distinction and LL. B with great distinction. He is a part-time lecturer at Addis Ababa University, and has served as a full-time lecturer at Aksum University. Additionally, he acted as director of the Legal Aid Center of Aksum University. Further, he has acquired a certificate from the World Intellectual Property Organization for the completion of a general course on intellectual property.

    He advises on international investment law, intellectual property law, company law, tax law, contract law, employment law, financial guarantee law, bankruptcy law, and arbitration law issues.

    He worked in international arbitration cases involving the government of Ethiopia and investors, and has taken part in researches and drafting laws.

    He is the author of a book entitled “Investor-State Arbitration Under Ethiopian Bilateral Investment Treaties,” now available from Amazon.

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gidey-belay-152a6a104/
    E-mail: gidey@zewdinehlawoffice.com, or gideybelay8@gmail.com


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  • Ayda Berehe Kiflie is a Mid-Level Associate at Zee Law Office. Her practice focuses on civil litigation of cases with corporate structure. She obtained her LLB from Wollo University, School of Law.

    Prior to joining the Zee Law Office, Ayda provided free services at the Ethiopian Federal First Instance Court. During her time there, she developed her skills by providing services such as writing briefings, writing and filling court documents, and following up on civil proceedings.

    Ayda is skilled at preparing legal memorandums, as well as legal and binding documents for multinational corporations and organizations of civil societies. In addition, she is skilled in the preparation of notices of arbitration and evidence collection, and has adequate knowledge of arbitral proceedings.

    Ayda demonstrates good ethics, professionalism, and excellent organizational skills. While she enjoys many aspects of her work, the satisfaction she receives from helping clients is her favorite part of her job.

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ayda-berehe-314b25152/
    E-mail: ayda@zewdinehlawoffice.com

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  • Makda is an intern at Zee Law Office. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Spanish language from Centre College in Danville, KY, USA. Centre College is a highly regarded, private, liberal arts college. After graduating, she would like to pursue a masters and later attend law school. Makda is a member of the inaugural class of Lincoln Scholars, a premiere academic full-ride-plus scholarship given to students deemed as having the deep desire and capacity to make positive change in the world.

    On Centre’s campus Makda holds leadership positions in a variety of clubs, organizations, and academic honor societies. Her extracurricular engagements largely encompass legal/political campus entities, mentorship programs, and ambassadorial responsibilities on behalf of the college.  During her collegiate career she has volunteered to provide educational and health services to marginalized populations across the world. She has worked with the Safe Passage organization in Guatemala City, the Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children in Ecuador, and the “United Hands for the South of Mérida” in Mexico.

    Before coming to Zee Law, she worked under a district judge at the Rowan County Judicial Center in her hometown of Morehead, KY, USA, as well as for the not-for-profit organization People to People. Now, she is working with the Network of Ethiopian Women’s Association as well as at Zee Law.

    At Zee Law, Makda works to edit and write legal documents and memorandums, provide legal counsel to clients, provide assistance on case material, and review/enhance legal works relating to international arbitration.

    Makda loves being as actively involved in any task presented to her. She is meticulous, efficient, and loves to learn!

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/makda-mehari-29924916a/
    E-mail: makda.mehari@centre.edu


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