Ethiopia’s fast-growing economy and increasing inflows of foreign direct and private equity investments coupled with complex cross-border commercial transactions have presented a wide array of legal challenges to all economic actors.The lawyers of ZeeLaw are uniquely positioned to offer legal advice and representation in all stages of relationship building and commercial and investment transactions as well as in dispute settlement. They hold decades of experience in the counseling and representation of state-owned enterprises and individual and multinational private clients as well as not-for-profit organizations.

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About Us


Our passion for what we do comes in providing the best legal services on offer. The Law Office of Dr. Zewdineh Beyene Haile (ZEELAW) is one of the leading law offices in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.   In affiliation with the Addis Law Group (ALG), ZEELAW provides services to clients in all matters having a foreign element.  


These matters include foreign nationals (whether natural or juridical) who conduct business, transact, or invest in Ethiopia.


These also include Ethiopian nationals or entities whose business and investment transactions are conducted within Ethiopia in collaboration with foreign partners, or whose businesses and investments reach outside of Ethiopia.


We are a client centered law firm with emphasis on your needs and goals.

We understand the importance of communication with our clients and respond promptly to phone calls and emails.

We have the resources available to present a strong case for the best outcome for your needs.

We have access to experts in various fields to help us prepare a powerful case:

We have the legal expertise, skills, and experience to help you through every legal situation for the results you want.

We form long-term relationships with our clients and are here for you now and in the future.We handle every matter with honesty and integrity.

Practice Areas


ZeeLaw offers purpose-oriented, innovative, yet practical legal advice to clients operating in numerous high-growth sectors within and without Ethiopia.


The office encompasses specialist practices in real estate, construction, commercial contracts, competition and antitrust law, employment, communications, energy and mining, oil and gas, healthcare, media and technology, financial institutions, funds, investment banking, insurance, and private equity as well as commercial and investment litigation and arbitration.

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ZeeLaw Core Values


Our values run deep. Our team is dedicated to the following core values:

  • Excellence Through Teamwork

    We strive for the highest level of quality and professionalism in all thatwe do while executing a collaborative approach amongst lawyers and staff

  • Integrity

    For all members of ZeeLaw, character counts: Honesty, Trust, Fidelity..

  • Accountability

    Openness, Transparency, Reliability, Responsibility.